Kids like nothing better than putting themselves to the test. Which is why Invigorate launched its Youth Warrior Academy – a holiday-time course like no other.

This three-day cross-sport strength and conditioning camp for children aged 10-16 gives youngsters the chance to discover how fast, strong, agile and powerful they are, using the very latest in professional testing equipment.

Organised in conjunction with PRO-TEST ATHLETIC participants learn about how to improve their fitness fundamentals and boost results in their chosen sport/s.

Elements tested in the camp will be strength (upper body, lower body, core), agility, speed and power and each attendee receives an individual report that highlights their performance and what steps they can take to improve.

This sort of professional testing and strength and conditioning service is usually reserved for elite-level athletes.

Invigorate and PRO-TEST ATHLETIC have spent the last decade studying conditioning coaching for youth athletes and we believe that by providing specific strength and conditioning training we can develop stronger humans regardless of whether they are professional athletes or not.

"I started training with Invigorate after my first child was born. The trainers helped me restore my level of fitness pre-pregnancy and maintain my motivation to stay fit. Now that I've had my second child, the trainers were able to work with me throughout my pregnancy to stay healthy and restore muscle tone and cardio fitness post pregnancy. The trainers are very knowledgable and fun to work with in individual sessions. The classes are also a great workout and a nice addition to the individual training."

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