Ken and his team at Invigorate training are simply brilliant. They are a great bunch of guys who are incredibly knowledgable and passionate about what they do. They each work cleverly and differently  to improve and motivate their clients to be the best they can be.   For me personally, they have given me back a self belief and love of being active. It's helped my mental health as well as my physical health.   I arrived at the gym in a panic in September 2016 with my son Jacob who was looking for pre-season training for rugby. Through seeing their approach with Jacob and his visible improvement and development, we are now all training in some capacity or another.   When I started I couldn't run without injury, since then in the past 18 months I've completed 3 half duathlons and can run without fear of injury.   They are honestly the best team of trainers and wellbeing coaches I've ever worked with, and I've worked with a lot over the years!

Chris Bell

"My nutritionist suggested I should also start training to increase my metabolism. A friend recommended the boys at Invigorate and I started doing an hour of 1 to 1 personal training each week. I am now 10 months in and I feel stronger than ever having worked on building my core strength and overall fitness. More recently I have also started to attend the group box fit training on a Saturday morning which is great fun and sets me up perfectly for the weekend ahead.  The guys make every session interesting and really focus on what you specifically want to achieve. I look forward to each workout and always leave feeling 10ft taller"

Jo Rice

"I came to Invigorate with a history of exercise inevitably leading to injury which lead to defeat. Invigorate bring the right balance of support and challenge to their training. In the past I've either been pushed beyond what my body can bear to injury or mollycoddled in a way that sustained basic health but didn't enabled me to progress to meaningful fitness at any pace. The Invigorate team are alert and sensitive to injury but sufficiently experienced and qualified to continue to progress you in your fitness despite the weaknesses you may have. In a short space of time I'm feeling the progress and it's exciting to start to engage with exercise again in a way that is making me meaningfully fitter."


I got much more than I bargained for... Invigorate has become an important part of my lifestyle and I have rediscovered the joy and fun of being fit again.  


I struggle to figure out what “else” to say to round out the amazing testimonials already written on the site – all of which I agree with from (and to) the core.  The personal training at Invigorate is truly all that these testimonials state – inspiring, invigorating, bespoke, boutique, fun, sweaty, intense and rewarding. But none of that would be possible without the personal passion brought to each and every one of us by Ken and his team.  There’s nothing as amazing as a person who does their job with excellence from the heart – and excellence from the heart is what you get when you come to Invigorate. You don’t just get trained for the hour – you get trained for a lifestyle and are generously invited onto Ken’s philosophy in such a way that you simply can’t refuse.  His unique personal style of “just do it! – with a smile… somehow gets the best out of you each and every time. As a client, I arrived day 1 with hope yet disbelief, energy yet exhaustion, weighted down with the yearning for weightlessness, and the overwhelming sense that I stood here in front of a mountain of weight – ready to climb but no idea how to take the first step. Ken and his team gave me the hope, inspiration and personal touch to take the first step – and the 20,000 steps that come after that!  And here now, 8 month later, I am still on the journey.  Only this time the disbelief is replaced by desire…the exhaustion is replaced by exhilaration…and the weight is replaced by growing wisdom that, quite simply, Invigorates you to reach.    


"I used to have a personal trainer come to my house and I thought my results were OK but there were those problem areas after my second child which I had given up on (lower stomach, thighs !!!). I went on holiday with a friend who had had her baby at the same time as me but had those areas back in shape. She had been training at Invigorate so as soon as I got back I signed up. The team developed a program unique to me and each week we adapt the plan to my schedule. I am now in better shape than before and feel in control of my weight for the first time in years."


"I started training at Invigorate to shape up to get married but having just celebrated my 1st wedding anniversary I am still going strong! I never realised how much I would enjoy the training or catching up with the team every week and I have now got my husband and sister signed up too."


"I noticed the Invigorate flyer on the floor of my building. At the time I was a member of a gym but found it hard to motivate myself, so I went along for a trial. I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it. Due to the informal and relaxed atmosphere I felt comfortable and at ease in a gym for the first time ever. What struck me first was how much more I would push myself with the guys motivating me, which explained why I had not seen the results at the gym in the past. I have tried new hobbies and exercise in the past which lasts only a couple of months but now its been 18 months and I am still going strong."


"When I first met Kennedy and his team my goals were very clear - I wanted to regain my fitness and lose 5 kilos, both within ten weeks. Under their guidance, a careful mixture of hard exercise and dietary advice I achieved my goals; Having suffered various aches and pains for years I am now able to exercise again and keep those pounds off. I couldn't recommend the Invigorate team more highly."


"I started training almost two years ago with Invigorate after recovering from an operation for an ectopic pregnancy. Together with Invigorate I started out slowly and worked at a steady pace so I didn’t over-do myself. Very soon I could clearly see good results and my fitness started to improve on a structural basis. Then I started IVF treatment, during the IVF treatment as well as during my whole pregnancy I have been able to keep training and enjoy staying fit. The training was adapted to tailor the changes in my body every week. They really looked at what I was capable of doing without going over the top, and this way I trained up to 37 weeks and started again after my caesarean delivery when my baby was 8 weeks. Because I had been able to train long into my pregnancy and maintain my fitness levels up, coming back after my baby was born was really good. My experience in training with Invigorate is great. They are very good trainers and tailor programs for every special need."

David Sigall

"I joined Invigorate 7 years ago just after my 60th birthday and I’m still alive. Not only that - I can now walk up the escalators at Leicester Square without getting embarrassingly puffed, I can impress my 12 year old stepson on the ski slopes and I can run 2 or 3 miles on a Sunday morning something I never thought I would ever want to do let alone be able to do."

"The members of the Invigorate team are fun, motivating and challenging and I unreservedly recommend them to anyone of any age or physical ability."


"I started training with Invigorate after my first child was born. The trainers helped me restore my level of fitness pre-pregnancy and maintain my motivation to stay fit. Now that I've had my second child, the trainers were able to work with me throughout my pregnancy to stay healthy and restore muscle tone and cardio fitness post pregnancy. The trainers are very knowledgable and fun to work with in individual sessions. The classes are also a great workout and a nice addition to the individual training."


"I started training at Invigorate around 18 months ago. Having bought 10 sessions for my wife for Christmas I decided it was time to supplement my own training regime with some expert guidance from the Invigorate team. Initially, I was focused on a multi-stage mountain bike race in Canada and I had previously neglected any core/strength training in the build up to these races which ultimately took its toll over the course of several hundred kms of riding. The Invigorate trainers whipped me into shape with a specifically tailored programme that substantially improved my core strength and ultimately my performance over the race. Since then I have worked with the team on several different objectives ranging from shedding a few kgs, to increasing flexibility to avoid injury, and preparing the legs for a 100km running race. The team are always adaptable, very motivational and achieve results. I would highly recommend the team no matter what your fitness goals and objectives are."


"This is no ordinary post-natal class! In my view, the ability to bring your young baby along to a circuit training session while benefitting from a proper personal trainer is quite unique. Ken and his team are knowledgeable about what you can and can't do after having had a baby, they take the classes seriously and they really enable you to spend an hour focusing on regaining some of your fitness. The babies seem fascinated by the classes too! But don't be fooled - they don't let you have it easy or get distracted by babies . . . and don't even think about cheating! But if you are serious about your exercise - then this is definitely worth a go. And I have always left smiling and going back for more. . ."

Rowan & Freya

"I have always loved sport but when we started the classes, I had not done any proper exercise for pretty much a year and felt very low on confidence, and thought it would be a really long time before I achieved any kind of level of fitness, let alone get back to how I was before." "You certainly pushed us from the start, but the classes were so much fun and I loved each & every one of them! Very quickly I realised that my fitness was really coming on, and I now feel far stronger in my core than I think I did before I had Freya..... I can't recommend them more highly if you are a new mum or group of new mums!" "I am only gutted that they have finished as I loved the group we had, but look forward to the other circuits/boxing classes." Thank you again.


"I started going to Invigorate in July 2011, hoping to be motivated to return to my previous fitness levels, which I lost somewhere along the way. I got much more than I bargained for, with Kennedy, Vik and Hannah's enthusiasm, encouragement and hard work, Invigorate has become an important part of my lifestyle and I have rediscovered the joy and fun of being fit again. The sessions are never repetitive, it is lively and hard work, but great for the body and the mind. I can highly recommend Invigorate - the time is now, not tomorrow."

Zoe B

"I came to Invigorate with a pretty challenging rehab task; I wanted to improve my walking following a stroke I had when I was younger. Having been through lots of rehab and medical appointments I wanted something that works with sustainable outcomes. Kennedy picked up on this immediately and has absolutely stepped up to plate giving me a workout that is challenging and confidence boosting and fun. With 21 years of ingrained unbalanced habits, the progress we have made together is amazing. I didn't really think it possible to improve my gait to the level that Kennedy has helped me to. I couldn't rate Ken and his team more highly. Whatever your training need, they are knowledgeable, perceptive, and their tailored workouts, hugely effective."

"Invigorate lives up to their promise of taking your training seriously, tailoring it to each client and session on session altering it to your achievements and needs depending on how your successes are going."

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