Want to work out in a group to share the pain and the laughs? Then why not give one of our classes a go?

Group sessions are a great way of making friends and keeping your motivation high. Ours make the most of our expertise, with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Circuit Training, Tabata, Boxing and Functional Training all included.

Groups generally feature a mix of abilities and fitness levels but are designed in such a way that you can work at your own pace. We also keep the numbers small so you will always get individual feedback from the coach and if an exercise is too complicated then an alternative will be given.

Classes typically take place outside using the lovely space we occupy at Barn Elms Sport Centre (inside when wet).

Boxing classes – for the body of a champion there is nothing quite like boxing. Our classes take the best elements of the fighters’ training camp for a brilliant all-round workout. Sessions encompass core strength, cardio, agility, power – and a large amount of sweat. You will learn some technical aspects of punching as well as footwork, attack and defence. And while you’ll learn to throw stronger punches, we promise there’s no actual fighting! This class is never boring and if you have had a bad day there is nothing like hitting something to release some of that tension.

Circuit/HIIT/Functional Training class – Combining HIIT, Circuit, Tabata and Functional Training techniques, these sessions are designed to test your limits with a combination of strength exercises and cardio intervals. Training is never the same from one class to the next, keeping things fun and interesting.

Want to see how Invigorate can take your training to another level? Come along to a free taster class and get your transformation started right now. Booking essential.

Class Timetable

  • Youth Boxing Academy - Juniors (8-12) 4:30pm
    Seniors (13 - 16) 5:30pm

  • Circuit Class - 7:30pm

  • Circuit Class - 10:30am

  • No Class

  • No Class

  • Boxing Training (Adults) - 8am

"I got much more than I bargained for, with Kennedy, Vik and Hannah's enthusiasm, encouragement and hard work. Invigorate has become an important part of my lifestyle and I have rediscovered the joy and fun of being fit again. The sessions are never repetitive, it is lively and hard work, but great for the body and the mind. I can highly recommend Invigorate - the time is now, not tomorrow."

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