At Invigorate Training we’ve worked with hundreds of clients throughout our 10 year residency in South West London. Today we are located at Barn Elms Sports Trust in SW13, where many of our original clients continue to visit us and train, week-in week-out. To us that says it all. Our clients see measurable results and remain in our books for years.

They stay with Invigorate Training because our approach works. Our team of highly qualified trainers support clients, their friends and families, through their individual fitness and sports performance goals over many years. The greatest compliment of all is that they also refer us to others, quite simply because we get results.


At Invigorate training we have developed a formula that works. It’s not based on the latest fads or trends in the industry. It’s based on solid knowledge of sports science and performance. Whilst the journey to good health and improved sports performance is never simple or easy, the approach we use is straightforward.

1) No matter what anyone tells you - there is no ‘magic bullet’ to getting and staying fit and healthy. It takes hard work and commitment. This can only come from you, the client. Our job, as coach and trainer, is to support, motivate and push you to your limits, and beyond.

2) At Invigorate Training every client is individual. Each client’s programme is developed entirely around their specific health and fitness goal – whatever that is. We work to design and develop a tailor made programme that will support you in achieving your own goals.

Over the years our list of services has grown and developed. Today you can now work with us in a number of ways.
Warrior Camp
Barnes Boxing

"I got much more than I bargained for... Invigorate has become an important part of my lifestyle and I have rediscovered the joy and fun of being fit again."

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